FAQ / How do I monetize my group or channel?

In general, to monetize your group or channel, you need to publish a link to a page or product of one of the represented stores or companies. When a visitor to your group / channel follows the link and pays for the purchase, you will receive a reward*.

You can get a link for monetization and place it in one of the following ways:
  1. Select the store or company you are interested in in the section Stores and create a link to the section of the site you are interested in. Click on the yellow "Share" button and select social. posting network. Further, at your request, write the text for the post. Click Publish.
  2. Go to the section Products, select the product you like, click the "Share" button and post to your group/channel.
  3. Go to the section Coupons, select the coupon or promotion you like in the store. Create a link and share it in your group or channel.
  4. Go to the section Search, select the store you are interested in in the filter. After completing the search process, posts related to the selected store will be displayed. Select the post you like. Links to the store for it will be generated automatically. Adjust the post text if desired and click Publish.
  5. If you like some product or catalog in the online store, you can copy the link to it and go to the Links section. Paste the copied link from the clipboard into the uppermost field and click "Next". If the store is our partner, a short link will be generated, which you can immediately share in connected social networks. networks, otherwise you will receive a message that such a store has not yet been connected, and we will do our best to connect this store to our system as soon as possible.
* - the amount of money will be credited after you receive the product / service and confirm the fact of purchase by the store (usually this happens in the first decade of the month following the date of purchase or receipt of the order).