How to connect your account/group to our service?
How do I create a post?

See here for details on all the ways to create a post.

How do I monetize my group or channel?

See here for details on how to monetize a group.

How does system work?

You copy link from online store and create short link. If a user clicks on this link and buys a product, then you will receive a percentage of this sale.

Which store links can I copy?

All links of shops, banks, travel companies, insurance companies that are in the Stores section can be used to create links.

How often can I get paid?

As soon as you have $15 on your account, you can receive a payment by ordering it in the Earnings section. After ordering, payment will be made to you within 5 days.

What is the minimum sum of money I can withdraw?

As soon as you have $15 available for withdrawal, you can make a withdrawal.

How much can I earn if a person buys from the link I created?

When you create a link, you are shown the amount of earnings. Also in the Stores section, by hovering the mouse over the link to the Store, you can see the potential amount of earnings.

Can't create a link?

Most likely you are trying to create a link to an online store that is not connected to our system. If the store is connected, but the link is not created, then please write to us about it in the Contacts section.

How fast are statistics updated?

Click statistics are updated every 15 minutes. Lead statistics are updated from 1 minute to an hour, depending on the campaign.

Didn't you get any commission for the purchase when you clicked and made a purchase?

Contact us in the Contacts section. Please include your referral link, transit time and purchase time. We will check everything and answer you.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by leaving a message in the Contacts section or by writing to the chat by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner.

Where can I place the created link?

You can place the created link on your blog, in your groups and personal pages on social networks, or by sending the link in a messenger message, or by email.