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The most unusual publishing house and the most enthusiastic readers.
Offer start: 04.10.2023
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Tarrifs: Pay per purchase 7.20 - 32.00%
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Pay per purchase 7.20 - 32.00%:
IMPORTANT: from June 17 to July 5, an increased rate for webmasters will apply:

Ebooks/Audiobooks - 32%
Paper books and board games - 14.4%

Standard remuneration of the webmaster:
E-books/Audiobooks - 16%
Paper books and board games - 7.2%

- Orders worth more than 10,000 rubles. are not paid, since such orders are subject to a 16% discount under the loyalty program
- For all orders with a 100% discount, the commission to the webmaster is not subject to payment.
- Please note that b2b orders are not subject to payment
- Orders using a gift card are canceled, commission is not payable

Any derivative and erroneous spellings of the advertiser's brand in contextual advertising ads, even those not specified in the stop list, are prohibited for use

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