Shop categories:
СR: 0.53%
confirmation: 20.00%
Online store of curtains with a very rich assortment. Has been working since 2009.
Offer start: 05.03.2021
Cokkie lifetime: 30 days
Tarrifs: Payment for purchase 4.86 - 14.61%
More details
Payment for purchase 4.86 - 14.61%:
* For the Marketing channel:
- Category Bed linen - 7.31%
- Other categories - 14.61%
* For the Closer channel - 4.86%

All users work in two channels - Marketing and Closer. All new ones work by default in the Closer channel.
If you want to be transferred to the Marketing channel, contact the support team and let us know about your desire. The request will be promptly reviewed.
Partners can be transferred from channel to channel according to the following criteria:
Marketing - active, with active and proven traffic sources that actively promote the offer (conduct various activities on their projects, attract new customers, etc.)
Closer - passive, with passive traffic sources, including webmasters with unverified traffic sources, new webmasters who violated the webmaster's rules, etc.

Partners prioritized for the Marketing channel:
- content platforms (blogs, social networks, etc.);
- video platforms (YouTube, etc.);
- partner stores, online showcases;
- arbitration in the presence of traffic indicators in GA corresponding to the arbitration from the declared source;
- sites for comparing prices for goods.

Partners who in most cases remain in the Closer channel:
- coupon sites;
- cashback services;
- loyalty programs;
- all webmasters for whom there is no reliable information on the types and quality of traffic;

It is forbidden to use promotional codes from other sources.
Orders for such coupons placed on the partner's site will be canceled in the system.

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