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СR: 1.89%
confirmation: 47.00%
Largest watch store
Offer start: 17.03.2021
Cokkie lifetime: 30 days
Tarrifs: Payment for purchase 0.95 - 9.50%
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Payment for purchase 0.95 - 9.50%:
Reward (Marketing channel *):
- using a promo code - 2.85%
- without using a promo code - 9.5%

Remuneration (Closer channel *) - 0.95%

All new users working with an offer are assigned to the Marketing channel by default.
Also, the Marketing channel includes users with active and verified traffic sources who actively promote the offer (conduct various activities on their projects, attract new customers, etc.) Usually these are bloggers, content projects, public / groups in social networks, telegram channels, Yandex Zen, showcases / marketplaces.

The Closer channel includes passive users with passive traffic sources, including unverified traffic sources, and new users who violated the rules, etc.

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