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Smotryoshka - modern interactive television
Offer start: 22.12.2022
Cokkie lifetime: 0 days
Tarrifs: 235.13 - 268.72 руб.
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235.13 - 268.72 руб.:
Payment for registration of a new user - 51.28 rubles.

*In addition paid for the purchase of the package*
Purchase of the Bronze package - 30.26 rubles.
Buying a Silver package - 44.62 rubles.
Purchase of the Gold package - 80.51 rubles.
Purchase of the Platinum package - 134.36 rubles.
Purchase of the Ultrakino package - 268.72 rubles.

*Any derivative and erroneous spellings of the advertiser's brand in contextual advertising ads, even those not specified in the stop list, are prohibited for use

Back call 126.75 руб.:
Filling out an application for a call back

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