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Audiomania is a chain of Hi-Fi and High End audio and video equipment stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which has existed since 1997. The company has become a leader in its segment, having received the title of Online Retailer # 28 by the Kommersant Publishing House.
Offer start: 12.03.2021
Cokkie lifetime: 180 days
Tarrifs: Payment for a paid order 4.75 - 6.65%
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Payment for a paid order 4.75 - 6.65%:
4.75% of the paid order
6.65% of the paid goods of the following brands:
Arslab, Penaudio, Cold Ray, Ceratec, Audiocore,
Onetech, Old School, ICE, Analysis-Plus, Atoll Electronique,
DSPeaker, Waterfall Audio, Lightspeed, Raidho, Vibrapod

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